Arctic Silver

Fictional.The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Spring 2008.

ArcticSilver is a fictional Norwegian brand selling high quality
Matjes herring. For this project I designed the brands
graphic profile and packaging.

Norway has a long tradition when it comes to fishing and exporting herring, but we are not as good as in e.g. Sweden or Holland when it comes to enjoying this wonderful fish. Matjes is the most exquisite of herring and it is served as a delicacy in several countries.

The packaging has been designed with inspiration from the shapes of fish, and the silver color reflects the lower side of the herring - often referred to as the 'silver of the ocean'.

The packaging-tray may function as a re-usable serving dish with large handy handles on each side. The fish itself is always packaged in a vacuum wrapping for a longer use-ability and for the ease of defrost.

The ArcticSilver logo on blue
The packaging
- in a shop environment
The packaging - in a shop environment