Aurora high-speed train

Concept.The Oslo school of Architecture and Design.
Winter 2009.Nominated for three awards at the AHO Works

What is Aurora?
- Aurora is a new high speed train operator in Norway.
Meeting the needs of businesstravellers, and being tailored
for the norwegian weather conditions, it is the most effective
type of domestic travel.

Reaching all major cities of Norway in less than three hours
Aurora makes airtravel seem like a waste of time. Time is relative, and there is no other mean of transportation that gives you control of your own time as Aurora does.

Whether you want to work or relax, Aurora provides you with
everything you need during your travels.

Forget check-in ques, restricted luggage, crammed highways, restrictions on electronic devices and crammed spaces. Forget everything you know about travelling, and rediscover it again - with Aurora.

(The project is a combined branding and industrial design project, focusing on how industrial design and branding can support and complement one another.
The result is a concept showing how a future high speed train operator in Norway could look and be experienced.)

Co-designers: Hans A. Huseklepp
Høyhastighetstog i Norge

The Aurora logo
-here on a portable system
The ease of ticket ordering online -here on a portable system
- power and efficiency
The Aurora high-speed train - power and efficiency
- speeding through norwegian nature
The Aurora high-speed train - speeding through norwegian nature
- efficiency vs. harmony
Exterior vs. interior - efficiency vs. harmony
- with its flexible solutions
The interior - with its flexible solutions
- gives you every additional info
The onboard wi-fi system - gives you every additional info
The on train office cubicles
The on train conference rooms