Hair trimmer


Redesign.Politecnico di Milano.Spring2009

This hair trimmer is the result of a school project where the
assignment were to re-design a self-chosen domestic,
electric home appliance. I chose a low prize Panasonic hair trimmer.

I focused my re-design on the ergonomics of the trimmer, and improved it so that it is easier to trim your own occipital. The ordinary trimmer has a vertical grip, my re-design includes a horizontal grip; which is more alike the position of the hand as if you were to scratch your neck.
There are no screws needed for the assembly of this hair trimmer, all parts snaps together and the support structure keeps the inner parts firmly fixed.

This course also demanded thorough technical drawings of the re-design. I choose to only show a selection of these.

Hair trimmer rendering
Sketchwork and ergonomic test
Exploaded component view
Technical 2d sections