Min Solo

Concept.The Oslo school of Architecture and Design.
Spring 2007.Winner of Gullkalven award, 2007.

The Solo soft drink is a well known and branded product
in Norway with a history dating from the early age of
bottled soft drinks.

'Min Solo' (eng: "My solo") is a new concept for Solo Soda that focuses on birthday parties for children age 3-8. The bottle appeals to children through sparkling colours and form. The new bottle consept contains 0,25 l of soda, with dimensions that enables a firm grip by small hands as well as containing a sensible amount of sugar for small children.

Although the bottle has a unique form and size, it is compatible with existing recycling systems.
The label uses familiar objects from childrens birthday parties, where balloons and confetti have replaced the oranges and droplets from the original Solo-label. The
backside-label has a large blank space, on which participants are meant to write their name. This makes the children affiliate with the soda, as well as making the bottle function as nametags.

Ingredients and product-info is placed on a tear-off label on the bottom of the bottle. Hidden underneath this label is a Solo-balloon, the final ingredient for a successful birthday party!

The bottles come in packs of 12, and are meant to cover the essential ingredients of a birthday party – soda, nametags and balloons. Let the party begin!

Co-designers: Ida Noemi A. Vidal and Hans A. Huseklepp

- back and front
The Solo bottle - back and front
- and a eager face
The bottle - and a eager face
- and its versatile functions
The bottle - and its versatile functions