Concept.The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
Autumn 2007

'Moving' is an outdoor furnishment designed for domestic
appliance and for the nordic climates. Its design features solutions for easy transportation and quick assembly.

Both table and chair consist of injectionmolded plastic and aluminium parts. All of the plastic parts are made to fit around the aluminiumparts in a sandwich-like construction, this to hide away the support arrangement. The support arrangement observed on a wide range of plastic furnitures is not pretty and often a subject for collection of dust and dirt.

The table is divided in a upper and a lower part; the table top and the suspension. The tabletop is splitted over the middle and connected with hinges for easier handling and storing. The underbody is constructed as a cross that you can close up for easier carrying and storing.

On top of each leg and in the middle of the cross there are magnets that connect with magnetical spots on the lowerside of the tabletop. This will simplifie moving the table around when it is mounted and you will not need to carry the two parts apart.

The Moving table and chair
Collapsable table
- sideview
The Moving chair - sideview
- with center magnet
The suspension cross - with center magnet
- collabsable and light weight
The Moving chair - collabsable and light weight