P'la Bottiglia

Concept.Politecnico di Milano.Winter 2008.

P'la bottiglia is a concept for a biodegradable packaging,
that should be serving as a re-usable, ice-water bottle
during Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.

The name P'la Bottiglia is a mix of the biodegradable plastics definition; PLA, and 'la bottiglia' which means 'the bottle' in Italian.

The 0,4 liter bottle is designed for a specific service-stand where water is to be served in its different states; ice, snow (granita), liquid and steam (faked as cold vapor). The spoons, that are moulded in as tear-offs on the bottles two sides, are meant to eat snow or stir with. They also give a nice negative space in the bottles outer shell when teared of.

There is expected a prize stabilization of PLA in 2015. The material is also expected to have greater performances, in many ways, by this time.

More info on PLA here

- three different views
The bottle - three different views
- and its components
The bottle - and its components
The bottle shape