Rondo new!

Master thesis; "Assistive Tools Go Mainstream".
The Oslo school of Architecture and Design. Spring 2010.

’Assistive tools go mainstream’ is an inclusive design project.
The main goal of the project was to contribute to maintaining
quality of life and support an individual lifestyle.

The projects result is the assistive tool ’Rondo’ - a shower stool.
With features like in e.g. a large rotating seat, three legged,
hight-adjustable structure and non-slipping feet, the product
enables and simplifies personal hygiene, and helps minimize
energy used while taking a shower.
Being able to maintain personal hygiene is a minimum
requirement for an individual lifestyle.

Rondo has been developed in cooperation with users that have
chronic fatigue syndrom, but the product has many other user groups.

It has been my focus to avoid a stigmatizing metaproduct,
and differentiate from assistive tools of today.
The material choice of Kebony and powder coated aluminium supports this.

More info on Kebony here.

- et navn inspirert av krakkens runde, roterende sete. Rondo er musikkterm og stammer fra franskens “Rondeau” - ‘noe tilbakevendene, noe som går rundt’.

with subtle ergonomics
A large round seat with subtle ergonomics
Powder coated alu. and Kebony
The materials Powder coated alu. and Kebony
and a pivoting seat
Hight adjustable legs and a pivoting seat
simplifies personal hygiene
The shower stool - simplifies personal hygiene
increases mobility
Light weight increases mobility