Wake Up

Concept.Politecnico di Milano.Spring2009

This is a souvenir concept for the Milan Expo 2015.

Each product, cup or plate, symbolizes a statistic explaining the inequality present in the world today. In the difference in height between each cup and plate is shown the difference between the rich and the poor, the fortunate and the destitute.

Developed in cooperation with Vecchia Lodi Ceramics in Lombardia, Italy.

Co-designers: Hans A. Huseklepp, Karl Sjöström

The Wake Up logo
- and their statistic link
The Wake Up cups - and their statistic link
The cups are stackable
The Wake Up service
- mounting handles
At Vecchia Lodi Ceramics - mounting handles
- in-process picture
At Vecchia Lodi Ceramics - in-process picture